Standard Screen Printing
This is the classic screen printing process using plastisol based inks

Waterbased Printing
Waterbased printing is using enviromentally friendly air dry inks to create a very soft hand feel. Works best with white to light medium colored garments

Discharge Printing
This process uses special inks that once the print is heat cured, it discharges the color of the shirt and changes the image printed back to the original color of the shirt before it was dyed. Usually to an off  white. It becomes part of the shirt and with virtually no feel to it. We can also print thinned down plastisols or waterbased inks right over top to create bright soft hand prints on dark garments!

Foil Printing 
Add some brightness and glamour to your designs with many different color foils to choose from.

Poster Printing
We also offer poster printing using French Papers and environmentally friendly water based poster inks. Get that vintage look you want with bright inks on dark and thick paper stocks! Works great for art prints or event posters!

We can take care of any embroidery project you have. Anything from hats, polos, bags, and any other garment available.

Experienced designers are ready to create any project you have in mind. We will research your company, band, or label and create designs that best represent you. We will work with you and create to your specifications. We will take on any apparel design project for an hourly rate of $65. Please call or email for a quote or to set up a meeting discussing your design needs.

For all your graphic design needs just email: