About Us

 Why we LOVE what we do!

Our story

Ubigt’s is a screen printing and embroidery business located in Midtown Oklahoma City. In 2013 Christopher Nubine and Herbert Mickles came to the conclusion they both had a common need due to lack of local resources. Faced with the distress of finding custom apparel at a competitive price, Chris and Herbert constructed a solution to solve their common problem. 

The multi fassioned corporation you see today has been undergoing development since the first day Chris and Herbert took the leap in starting  Ubigt’s. The two of them determined to fill a need in the community, then turned their dedication into a small business who’s services began to reach all over Oklahoma. 

Family and friends contributed the most in the beginning. Every item that was put out became advertisement and before long the demand for Ubigt’s services increased drastically. Getting to know those who were in need of services led the owners into realization that Ubigt’s was more than just a business, it was bridging the gap in there community and filling a need. 

8 years  of service and Ubigt’s still has the same core values they started with. Great customer services and quality prints.  We want you all to know the opportunity to serve you is priceless and thank you for entrusting us to bring your idea to life!